Dr. Robert Beeman No More Time For Sorrow
Terrorists will atom bomb the US within the next three years

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Terrorists will try to hit us again in the US, this time with an atom bomb, to send a message to the 1.2 billion Muslims around the world:


"We have struck the Devil Himself with

 his own weapons in his own House!"


 "Jihad is as powerful as the Great Satan!"  


No More Time For Sorrow tells who will try to do it, how, most likely where, and when - a rousing adventure novel of high policy and low deeds which, if we're not more careful, will happen.

This is a war story about what happens when mommy and daddy take over defense of the Homeland, about a country run by people in such denial that only a second mass death of innocent Americans could jog them out of their ideological stupor. 

It's a story of courage and cowardice, the courage to stand head-up against power and the cowardice to sanction the murder of innocents for political gain. 

It's a love story


 about men who love God so much they're willing to sacrifice anyone but themselves, including their own Believers


about Americans who love power so much they're willing to sacrifice their countrymen to remain the Power Elite


and about real Americans who love their country so much they're willing to sacrifice themselves in her defense. 

It's a teaching story with lessons about ideology trumping survival, political correctness trumping plain common sense, and agenda trumping truth, with a little character-building on the side. 

But above all else, it's a story of Duty holding apart then welding together two very, very good Americans in the defense of their country. 

Some of the bad guys win; some of the good guys lose. Terrorists kill, bravery exalts, fuses ignite, and lovers find a way. 

And it's a story about simple, average Americans watching their country's descent into danger and wondering why in the world common sense doesn't prevail


Americans kind of like you and me.